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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Everyday Easter Eggs

Last night I was tired. It was 11 pm. I was enjoying the Olympics. My 6 year old needed to make Easter Eggs. She needs to make these often throughout the year. I kept saying, "Yes Tessa, tomorrow we'll make Easter eggs." Tessa instead went into the cabinet found a bowl, added water, eggs and put it on the stove, then called me in to show me and ask for help with cooking. The bowl she picked was plastic, because I was tired, the dishes were still in the sink, the pots and pans dirty from the day. Tessa didn't mind, she found something that would work in her mind, a big plastic mixing bowl was perfectly placed on the stove with eggs and water ready to go. I got a big warm feeling inside, seeing my girl follow her dreams, no matter how tired the support team is. I did help her make eggs after all. I showed her the metal pans, we talked about plastics and heat. She convinced me cooking eggs was important to her. I did ask she wait until tomorrow to bring out the dyes, but she painted them instead, ate them and had another happy Easter Egg experience, Feb. 19, 2006.


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